MST3K Items Wanted

Interested in trading for episodes? Check out the things I need below and see if we can’t make a deal!

  • All pristine KTMA episodes that are clearly upgrades to what I already have.
  • MST3K scripts, original props, T-shirts, books, taped interviews, convention appearances, etc…
  • Any other MST3K things that I don’t already have, which include the following:
No. Name Description Comments
KTMA 03 Star Force:
Fugitive Alien II
Re-done in episode 318 No fan copy known to exist.
ALV01 MST3K Alive! ’92 World Without End was riffed live. Upgrade needed.
ALV02 MST3K Alive! ’94 This Island Earth was riffed live. Any live footage.
CON203 2003 (June 6-8)
DucKon 12
Trace and Mad Scientist Guest of Honor; Darkstar Trailer Contact me if you have this!
Y-A3 Original MST3K
Many were sold on eBay and directly by BBI Contact me if you have any of these!
Y-A5 Scripts from selected episodes. Transcripts ok, prefer originals. Contact me if you have any of these!
Y-Shirt-MJ MST3K:The Movie
As modeled by Trace. Contact me if you have this!
Y-Shirt-MP MST3K:The Movie T-Shirt Only the poster version is needed. Contact me if you have this!
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