About Me

A hairy cheep, circa 2000My name is Cheepnis. I am MSTie #26636 (yes, I procrastinated joining for some reason) and have been trading tapes since I first discovered the show in Season 2, back in early 1991. I was known then as “BotSnak” in the early days of commercial internet, when our gang of Prodigy and AOL MSTies were pretty active both on and offline. You can see many of us hosting the ’93 TurkeyDay bumpers (I am the taller Dr Forrester introducing episode 420 – The Human Duplicators) and working as volunteers during the first Conventio-Con in 1994. My wife “Nuveena” and I also hosted the AOL room at that event, where we all plotted and executed the infamous Operation Flamingo prank on BBI (documented in all it’s glory on Disc 6 of the ’94 MST3K ConventioCon Set).Operation Flamingo at BBI 1994

Since that time many things have changed, both in the world of MST3K and in the online world, but one thing remained constant: we “keep circulating the tapes” and as new fans find this show, it’s great to know they will always have an affordable way to see every single episode of our favorite Cowtown Puppetshow.

Thanks for your support!

What’s in a name? “Cheepnis” (pronounced “cheapness”) represents the perfect marriage of my two favorite obsessions: MST3K and Frank Zappa. Like all of us, Frank Zappa was a big fan of both MST3K and cheesy monster movies (read about the MST3K-Zappa connection). “Cheepnis” is a song by Frank Zappa written for his never-produced musical Hunchentoot, a tribute to B-movies. The song first appeared on his 1974 album Roxy and Elsewhere. The beginning of the track has a 2 minute monologue about It Conquered The World and monster movies in general. The song lyrics themselves then go on to discuss the joy of cheesy special effects, and features a monster that looks like a “great big poodle dog.” (The poodle is a recurring theme in other Zappa songs and is an illustration of what he referred to as the “conceptual continuity” frequently found throughout his work.) Here you will find a transcript of his intro to the song Cheepnis, the lyrics, and an MP3. Enjoy!It Conquered the World