Final Commercial Release of MST3K! There will be no more new box sets from Shout.

An update from Shout! Factory about MST3K Volume XXXIX (39) and any future DVD releases:

  • The set is available Nov. 21, 2017, and can be ordered on Amazon.
  • It is a four-disc set.

Here are the titles:

The Amazing Transparent Man
Girls Town
“Satellite Dishes”

The 4th disc (“Satellite Dishes”) is a collection of ONLY the host segments from episodes from the remaining unreleased episodes. They are:

201 – Rocketship X-M
212 – Godzilla Vs. Megalon
213 – Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster
309 – The Amazing Colossal Man
311 – It Conquered the World
416 – Fire Maidens from Outer Space
418 – The Eye Creatures
807 – Terror from the Year 5000
809 – I Was A Teenage Werewolf
905 – The Deadly Bees
906 – The Space Children
913 – Quest of the Delta Knights

Shout says, “Despite our best efforts to include the remaining unreleased episodes, due to licensing issues, it is very likely that Volume 39 will be the last collection of never-before-released episodes, and that these remaining episodes may never get a legitimate release. With this in mind, we decided the next best option was to release the remaining host segments by themselves.”

FEAR NOT! still offers all those episodes, either individually or as part of our new “Satellite Wishes” Theme Set, available at a great discount! Complete your collection with the best quality broadcast copies available!

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