Finds Missing Host Segment!

K15 Missing Host SegmentStart Spreading the News! A tape which contains the fabled lost final host segment from episode K15 has been located and we are the first to have it! Before today, it was thought that no one outside of BBI staffers had ever seen it!

…not true. Teresa Dietzinger saw it too! Teresa lives in Minnesota, and has been a MSTie since the show was on her local UHF station, KTMA. She was one of the first fan club members and sent some artwork to the fan club. As luck would have it, her artwork was featured by Joel in the final host segment of Episode K15 – Superdome. She taped it, but her father (who was not a fan) taped over the episode. However, he first saved the final host segment and managed to hang on to it for all these years, just because it had his daughter’s artwork on it. In a stroke of cosmic irony, they had only the final host segment, while for 25 years fans had everything BUT the final segment!

K15 Missing Artwork

A screen shot of the artwork that Teresa sent in to Joel.

A million thanks for sending us the original tape, Teresa, even at the risk of your father’s wrath! The entire MST3K Fan Community bows down before you! (um… do you think you might have KTMA episodes 1-3 in a box somewhere?)

You can get a copy of this incredible gem quickly and easily here!

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