Five New MST3K Extras Discs

Five new discs are being offered now!

First is the historically-accurate, out-of-print MST3K Scrapbook which features many behind-the-scenes clips, outtakes, and stills beginning with The Green Slime, and going right up through the first Conventio-Con Expofest-O-Rama in 1994.

Second is a great little compilation of Collected Commercial Clips which stuffs on a single disc for the first time, over an hour of MST3K commercials that have aired throughout the years. This is a fun disc!

Third is a collection of all the Commando Cody – Radar Men From the Moon serial shorts that were riffed in Season One, all presented in a way that they can be watched in sequence, without those pesky movies getting in the way!

Fourth is the REST of the serial shorts: Phantom Creeps, Undersea Kingdom, General Hospital collected here together for your viewing pain!

Fifth is Poopie! II, the out-of-print blooper reel, never before available on DVD!


Five New MST3K Extras Discs — 2 Comments

  1. I am trying to complete my collection of MST3K episodes. I think that I am only missing the first four. I need: The Green Slime; Invaders From the Deep;
    Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars; and Star Force: Fugitive Alien II. Do you have any of these episodes available on DVDs? Thank you. Chuck Pease

  2. Hi Chuck,
    The Green Slime was only done as a sampler; the whole movie was not riffed. The other three movies do not seem exist anywhere as fan copies. It’s very possible that Jim Mallon (or Joel) has them stashed away in some vault somewhere, but Jim has vowed to never release any KTMA episodes (he considers them to be too poor of quality), so it’s not likely that they’ll ever show up any time soon. One can hope, though!

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