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Other (non-MST3K) Things I WantOther (non-MST3K) Things I Want (besides Mamie Van Doren)
I collect items relating to the subjects below. If you don't have any of these items to trade, I can still direct you to online sources whereby you may order items for me instead (and the exchange rate is always better than ordinary cash purchases).
It's easier and quicker than you might think! See the 5 easy steps below

Zappa "Haves/Wants"

Frank Zappa

I am looking for imports, vinyl, 45s, 8-Tracks, and videos. Also looking for posters, ticket stubs, stage passes, autographs, etc.

Take a look at my
Zappa Concert Want list!

Visit Barfko-Swill where you may buy me official Zappa things!

Groucho "Haves/Wants"

Groucho Marx

I'm looking for You Bet Your Life episodes (TV and radio), records (LPs), and certain movies and books. Write me with whatever you have to offer!

Write me!

Skulls, Skeletons, and Reproductions

I am looking for specific skulls and skeletons (and fossils). These are for my educational use and must only come from legal and ethical sources.

Write me!

Check my Wish-List at

 Cheepnis Wish List at

There are hundreds of books, DVDs and CDs that you can order for me all conveniently arranged for your easy selection!

Duckman "Haves/Wants"


I don't need episodes, but I'm interested in any other Duckman-related items.

Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated

I'm interested in issues of these comics (er... Graphic Novels) I don't have and upgrades to ones I do have.

Take a look at my Have and Want lists!

Live Concerts

I am still looking for recordings of various shows that I attended through the years:

Here's what I want!

Fernwood 2 Night
or America 2 Night

I'm still looking for any and all episodes from these 2 great shows.

Write me!

The 5 easy steps if you wish to buy me something:

1) Tell me first what you would like to buy me. I confirm that I still want it and how many episodes I'll give you in exchange.
2) You place the order for your MST3K episodes (or any other discs) at the CheepStore, specifying "Money Order / Trade" as payment type. You will get my mailing address when you complete the order.
3) You order (and have sent to me) or otherwise acquire the item(s) and send them to me.
4) I send out your order as soon as I receive the item(s).
5) If you wish to get more shows in the future, repeat steps 1-3!

If you are looking for more than 10 shows, I prefer to trade for all of them at once. This will allow me to acquire the larger trade items that I would otherwise not be able to afford. That's entirely up to you, however.

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