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  • MST3K The Home Game: Day the World Ended - Both early and late showings and BBI Tour
  • Mystery Science Talk Radio - 8-Disc Set plus bonus disc!
  • Herd Mentality - (audio CD)
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  • MST3K Serial Shorts: Phantom Creeps, Undersea Kingdom, General Hospital
  • Eight Fan-Produced MSTings of bad movies
  • Mystery Science Theater Hour Segments (Jack Perkins Host Segments)
  • Little Gold Statue Special and Playstation Underground
  • TurkeyDay Promos and Bumpers
  • Poopie Promo Party Parade of Turkey Ween (yes, that's me dumpster-diving)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie ...Extras
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1012 - Squirm
  • Film Crew on Starz
  • Cheepnis Logo and other chillin' swag that is truly the shizzizle
  • Invention Exchange Compilation
  • MST3K Alive!
  • Outtakes, Rehearsals, and Final Wraps
  • Mystery Science Cheddar
  • Cast Interviews and Appearances Vol. I: The Joel Years
  • Cast Interviews and Appearances Vol. II: The Mike Comedy Central Years
  • Cast Interviews and Appearances Vol. III: The Mike SciFi Channel Years
  • Joel Hodgson: Comic, Magician, Spy
  • Saturday Night Joel
  • BBI Tour: The Last Waltz
  • Theater Rough Cut of 0505 - Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  • Theater Rough Cut of 0503 - Swamp Diamonds
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1010 - It Lives By Night
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1012 - Squirm
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1013 - Diabolik
  • 1992 StarCon Q&A Panel
  • 1992 ChicagoCon Q&A and Mitchell Q&A
  • 1994 MST3K ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama
  • 1995 DragonCon Q&A Panel
  • 1996 MST3K ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama II: Electric Bugaloo
  • 1998 Exoticon
  • 2000 GatewayCon
  • 2002 DragonCon

  • May 8, 2005: It seems that a few bad eggs have to spoil it for everybody. When I deposit a check that bounces, my bank charges me $5.00 and the deposit is refused. If it was just an issue of not receiving payment (in which case they wouldn't receive any discs) that would be fine. But their insufficient funds costs me out-of-pocket money and I am reduced to begging for them to reimburse me. This is something they apparently don't think is worth their time and effort. For this reason I have decided to no longer accept personal checks. I realize that the vast majority of you wouldn't ever think of sending me bad checks, but the few who do are costing me money and grief.
    If we have dealt before and your checks have always been clean, I'll continue to accept them from you, otherwise you still have several options:

    - Credit Card
    - Money Order or Cashier's Bank Check
    - Billpay (or the equivalent online feature your bank may offer), whereby your bank will cut and mail a paper check to me directly from your account. I know this is free for both Bank of America and Wells Fargo customers; probably free for you too!

    My sincere apologies the the vast majority of you who don't deserve this.

    Really Old Stuff:

    Thanks for your product reviews! I appreciate the people who took the time to write about items they got here.
    Would you like to leave your review? Great! What I'm looking for are your thoughts about each item that are primarily based upon your impressions of the video and audio quality. Other things to rate the item for would be the quality of my customer service, your shipping experience, cost value, etc. What I'm not looking for is your impression of the episode storyline (i.e., plotline of host segments, number of good jokes, whether or not Gamera is a benevolent creature, Joel vs. Mike, etc...).

    To write a review, (you must be logged in) go to each item and choose the "write a review" button. It's quick and simple and you will get to see your name in lights!
    I reserve the right to delete or edit inapropriate or obscene reviews and any edits will be clearly marked as such. If you wish to retract or edit a review you wrote, write me with your changes and I'll modify it for you.

    The REAL Jack PerkinsOctober 23, 2006: Sadly, the exclusive interview with the REAL Jack Perkins doesn't seem as if it's going to happen.

    When he ordered the MST Hour segments from me, I was thrilled that he also agreed to do an email interview. I submitted about 20 questions shortly before he received the discs (which I sent for free, of course). Since then, he has not responded to my emails and I'm afraid that after viewing the segments, he may not have been as flattered as he claimed at first. That is purely speculation on my part, but he was very friendly before he received the discs and silent afterwards... Below is the initial reply I had from him.


    I am he. Yes. And over the years have been impersonated a few times by different talents. The worst (easily) was the recent spoof on SNL. It was bad because it didn't grow out of actual fact. The best caricatures, for example, take known eccentricities or idiosyncrasies and exaggerate. But in making their Jack Perkins character a tottering drunk SNL had no basis of fact to exaggerate. I don't drink. At all.

    Earlier, much earlier on SNL the great talent Harry Shearer did me and it was perfect. In fact, I first witnessed it on the monitors in the NBC newsroom. SNL was rehearsing in a studio down the hall. I didn't know what the feed was I was seeing but for more than a moment I believed it was I. I turned up the volume and listened and for another moment still believed it was I. The writing, the inflection, the pacing was precisely mine. Shearer was spot-on.

    Then years later somebody called my attention to a clip of Mike doing me on MST3K. And not too long thereafter, at a convention, I met him and was blown away. He was so young to be so talented and I was enormously flattered.

    That's why I was so happy to happen across your site and will be delighted to see the clips you have.

    I'll see if I can't dig out an old publicity photo and sign it and send it along to you. Give me an address.


    PS - What's Mike doing now? Any idea?

    Perhaps someday he'll decide to get back to me and we can all enjoy his insights. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    START SPREADING THE NEWS! A tape which contains the fabled lost final host segment from episode K15 has been located and we have it! Before today, it was thought that no one outside of BBI staffers had ever seen it!
    ..not true. Teresa Dietzinger saw it too! Teresa lives in Minnesota, and has been a MSTie since the show was on her local UHF station, KTMA. She was one of the first fan club members and sent some artwork to the fan club. As luck would have it, her artwork was featured by Joel in the final host segment of Episode K15 - Superdome. She taped it, but her father (who was not a fan) taped over the episode. However, he first saved the final host segment and managed to hang on to it for all these years, just because it had his daughter's artwork on it. In a stroke of cosmic irony, they had only the final host segment, while for 25 years fans had everything BUT the final segment!

    K15 Missing ArtworkK15 Missing Host Segment
    A screen shot of the artwork that Teresa sent in to Joel and another screenshot from the same segment.

    A million thanks for sending us the original tape, Teresa, even at the risk of your father's wrath! The entire MST3K Fan Community bows down before you! (um... do you think you might have KTMA episodes 1-3 in a box somewhere?)
    Q: How do I get a copy of this incredible gem?
    A: You can get it quickly and easily from CheesyFlix!

    Big changes are afoot! I have finally installed a new storefront which should help both you and me get things better organized. Don't let the flash and dazzle of a professional looking site scare you - I simply had some free time at work and slapped it together. I'm still the humble tape trader you have come to know and love. Let me know if you run into trouble and what your thoughts and opinions are. All the great MST3K is in place and good to go.

    Now available!

    Over 100 Un-MSTed versions of your favorite episodes! These are the original, uncut, 1st generation, A+ versions of movies that were skewered by Mike/Joel and the 'bots, presented here without anyone making fun of them. There are also a few Writers Review episodes from deep within my underground BBI archives. Those have time codes on them and no riffing. These were used to actually write the jokes for the MST episodes and can be found available nowhere else! Set up your own theater seats and enjoy making up your own riffs, see scenes cut by BBI, or get one of the scripts from me and enact your own version!

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