The CheesyFlix (adjective-day) Sale!

Do you think this is the VERY best time to go shopping? Do you have a list of friends and family who need the PERFECT gift, but so far nothing has popped up in your mind?

FEAR NOT!   CheesyFlix has you covered!

*   *   *
Regardless of whether the day is called Black, Cyber, Turkey, or Try-Not-To-Hate-Your-Family-Day,
you won’t want to miss this great coupon for 50% off all large sets of cheesy movies, MST3K episodes, or any combination of the two!
*   *   *

Between now and Midnight, November 27:

All orders for the Full Set of All Available MST3K Episodes and/or the Full Set of All MST3K Extras are 50% off!

In addition, all orders for the Joel-Only Episodes and/or the Mike-Only Episodes are 50% off!

Furthermore, all orders for the KTMA through Season 4 Episodes and/or the Season 5 through Season 10 Episodes are 50% off!

Finally, Any 50 MST3K Episodes of Your Choice is 50% off!

Simply visit and use the coupon code: BFCM50OFF
What if you or your gift recipient already have ALL the Mystery Science Theater 3000 you want?
Fear not! You can also choose Any 50 Movies of Your Choice from the thousands of other cheesy and not-so-cheesy movies we offer. Simply add THIS ITEM to your cart and list your 50 choices in the comments when you check out, using the same discount code: BFCM50OFF. (These 50 movies can also include any number of MST3K episodes, if you wish)
Whatever you wish to purchase for yourself, friends, and family, may you and yours have a Rowsdower Harvest Holiday!

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