The No-Pun 50% Off Not-Halloween Sale

While every other retailer in the Free World is busy announcing their Halloween specials with horrible and VERY TIRED puns, we refuse to engage in that sort of reprehensible behavior. We consider our customers to be the most intelligent people on the planet, and there is no way we would ever stoop to the sophomoric level of word play in order to get you to click on a link. We are NOT going to do it. That’s right, we will NOT be engaging in a single Halloween pun this year.

This year, our Halloween Sale will be called a “Pre-Christmas Sale”!

* * *

Do the holiday blues cause your tears to rain, dear? Well, yule be glad to know that our Pre-Christmas Sale will sleigh any depression that you may experience. Since you’re all done with summer beach trips, you can now dig your sandy claws into some great DVDs (but don’t drop them, they might not miss-tle your toes). You won’t need to wait until the Tw-elves Days of Christmas in order to get big savings! You’ll still have enough change in your pockets to Jingle; Bells will ring with the celebration of discounts!

* * *

(Ok, that was as painful to write as it was for you to read. My sincere apologies.)

Here’s the bottom line: Between now and November 6, all orders for the Full Set of All Available MST3K Episodes AND/OR the Full Set of All MST3K Extras are 50% off!

Simply visit and use the coupon code: NOPUN4YULE

What if you already have all the Mystery Science Theater 3000 you want?

Fear not! You can also choose Any 50 Movies of Your Choice from the thousands of other cheesy and not-so-cheesy movies we offer. Simply add THIS ITEM to your cart and list your 50 choices in the comments when you check out, using the same discount code: NOPUN4YULE (These 50 movies can also include any number of MST3K episodes, if you wish).


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